Refund warranty

Cardboard ≠ Premium Cardboard

We are often asked how stable our products are, as many people associate the material "cardboard" with rather unstable associations. However, the premium cardboard we use has as much to do with conventional cardboard qualities as a Trabbi does with a Tesla 😉

Extremely stable material.

In contrast to corrugated cardboard, our premium cardboard has no air pockets, consists of several high-quality, particularly strong (thick) cardboard qualities that are glued together (like a sandwich 🥪 ) and is therefore an extremely solid composite material.

Thoughtful construction.

In addition, when designing our products, we pay meticulous attention to optimally distributing loads, which allows for amazing load limits.

Thoroughly tested.

All of our products are rigorously tested months before launch by our team, family & friends, and independent product testers to ensure we can meet the high demands of our customers 🔨

Our promise:

Since we are convinced of the quality of our products, we give a to all products sold through our online shop (www.thecardboard.co).

30-day money-back

from delivery date . If you are not satisfied with our product within this time, please send us an email to hello@thecardboard.co with a short explanation why you are not satisfied, possibly a few pictures and your purchase receipt/order confirmation! We will then take care of the rest: return, reimbursement of the invoice amount, etc.

Are there any restrictions?

No, but we ask for fairness: We want you to be satisfied with our products - no ifs or buts. To be fair, of course everything has its limits and this also applies to our products. For example, our children's shelves are not suitable for riding - after all, they are not gymnastics equipment, but shelves 😉 In the event of water damage, shelves made of solid wood would also be damaged - and no shelf, wastepaper basket etc. can tumble down the stairs without suffering a few quirks In short: Your satisfaction is extremely important to us, which is why we will be fair to you - but we would be happy if this was mutual ✌🏻

As of August 17, 2021