"Joe" the Alternative Christmas tree | 110 cm

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Looking for an artificial Christmas tree, but want a plastic-free & sustainable solution? Then Joe, the alternative Christmas tree, is just the one for you!

Our 110 cm high, environmentally friendly Christmas tree "Joe" is made of ultra stable, 100% sustainable 10mm thick honeycomb boards and comes in a modern polygon design - either in green or colourful.

The material used for our Christmas tree consists of 100% renewable raw materials, is treated to be flame-retardant & complies with fire protection class B2!

It can be assembled and dismantled in a few simple steps - it only takes a matter of seconds!

After the holidays, our environmentally friendly, artificial Christmas tree can be folded flat and stored in a space-saving way until the next year.

  • Available in modern polygon-green and polygon-colourful
  • Made of ultra stable, 10 mm thick honeycomb boards
  • Flame retardant (fire protection class B2)
  • 100% sustainable & plastic free
  • Space-saving storage by folding flat
  • Format: 77 x 110 cm (width x height)
  • Weight: 1.2 kg
  • Made in Germany

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