The Company

Our Story.

For a long time, "The Cardboard Co." was just a crazy idea - a dream to develop products made of sustainable materials that we ourselves and other people enjoy with all our hearts.

But as is often the case with dreams, they rarely become reality. Something always got in the way of our dream too... until the corona virus turned our world and our daily business upside down..

The time that was suddenly freed up was then put into "The Cardboard Co." to bring joy into flats & houses with our products as quickly as possible.

We love to have you here - as part of our story!

Take care of yourself & stay healthy.

 The Cardboard Company

Established April 2020


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Who we are.

The Cardboard Co. is a spin-off of a family business founded in 1932 and a manufacturer of environmentally friendly premium cardboard based in Viersen near Düsseldorf, West Germany.

While the core business revolves around production, trade and processing of sustainable sheet materials, The Cardboard Co. was founded in oder to expand the business and develop products that are made from sustainable materials in order to offer alternatives to plastic products.

The raw materials that we source for our premium paper & cardboard products come from ecologically, socially & economically sustainable suppliers - mainly from Finland and Sweden. In combination with almost 90 years of experience in processing them, these are the ideal prerequisites for our mission - Made in Germany with love.


our mission


Our mission.

We love nature. To preserve it is our responsibility. In a world full of plastic, even to the depths of the oceans, we want to take a more responsible approach and make dreams come true from sustainable materials. For a healthy & happy planet.


what matters to us


What matters to us.

As a family company, we feel a big gratitude to previous generations and their life's work, without which we would not be where we are. 

However, we also feel a special responsibility towards future generations, whom we want to leave a healthy & safe livelihood in the form of secure jobs and a liveable planet.

This responsibility drives us to develop sustainable alternatives for a plastic-free life - and produce exclusively in the heart of Europe where we and our families live. This is how we want to make our contribution in this world and use available resources in a more responsible way - giving nature the opportunity to recover from decades of exploitation. 

The values most important to us are mindfulness, honesty & sustainability.